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Help and Advice

It is estimated that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  So finding the correct bra size and shape can make such a difference to your shape and also to your confidence.

The first part, the most important is getting the fit right and then you can go on to experiment with different styles of bras. Years ago tape measures were used but not so much nowadays and its probably best not to concentrate on the size you would like to be as a purchase size. 

Band size – the band provides all the support so it should be a firm but still comfortable fit. Also it needs to stay put and not ride up the back at all.  If the band is at all slack try a smaller back size and then you may have to increase your cup size.

Cup Size – Nobody wants a muffin top, so the apex of the bra should sit on the breast bone and your breasts should be completely enclosed in the cups. You can tell this when you have a smooth edge at the top of the cup if it resembles a muffin top then you need a bigger size cup.  However if there is any space inside the cup or wrinkling you need a smaller size cup.  Use the top straps too for adjustment – this can make a big difference.

Please please please look after your bra – these are expensive items and need to be treated well. Never put a bra in a washing machine or dryer.  For one thing they will discolour much quicker and the delicate lace and wires can be ruined.  Always handwash your bras and dry naturally and you will get three times longer out of your bra.

Size Guide

We know we said you don't need a tape measure anymore but sometimes we need a guide just to get started, so here goes:

Measure around the ribcage just under your bust. Pull the tape very firm and this will give you an idea of your band size.

It can be hard to gauge a cup size as a lot of people will keep going up a back size in order to find a comfy fit.  Take for example a customer we had who was a  40D size and who was astonished to find she was actually a 34G when she went for a fitting.  Sometimes it is best to experiment.

Take a look at our video The Perfect Fit for a better idea.

Insert video here.

International Conversion Sizes

Band Size



30     30               -                  -                  -                  -

32     32               70               85               1                 10

34     34               75               90               2                 12

36     36               80               95               3                 14

38     38               85               100             4                 16

40     40               90               105             5                 18

42     42               -                  -                  -                  -

44     44               -                  -                  -                  -


Cup Size

D       D                D                D                D                D

DD    DD/E          E                 E                 DD              DD

E       DDD/F       F                 E                 E                 E

F       G                -                  -                  F                 F

FF     H                -                  -                  -                  FF

G       I                  -                  -                  -                  G

GG    J                 -                  -                  -                  GG

H       K                 -                  -                  -                  H

HH    L                 -                  -                  -                  HH

J        -                  -                  -                  -                  J


Brief/Bikini Size


XS    8       4                 34               36               40               8

S       10     6                 36               38               42               10

M      12     8                 38               40               44               12

L       14     10               40               42               46               14

XL     16     12               42               44               48               16

XXL  18     14               44               46               50               18